Onavo Extend App

Travel Apps Onavo Extend AppThis clever app lets you get up to 5 times more out of your mobile data plan without changing the way you use your phone. Whether you’re at home or traveling abroad, it will help you to shave precious megabytes off your usage and is therefore particularly helpful when roaming as you could save yourself a lot of cash.

To compress and save your data, the Onavo Extend app runs continuously in the background of your phone and directs all of your mobile data traffic through Onavo’s servers and compression technology. Revolutionary universal data caching means you won’t have to use your data to load the same images every time you visit a website or use an app because they’ll be saved on your phone. And don’t worry about local storage, because you control the percent of your phone’s memory used for storage.

The Onavo Extend app also optimizes images when you share, so even when you’re sending images, you’re in control of how much data you use. And the Onavo Extend widget helps you easily monitor how much data you’ve saved so you can clearly see how the app is working for you.

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