Postcardly Postcards App

Travel Apps Postcardly Postcards AppTake a picture, write your message, and send a printed postcard with your own photo from and to anywhere in the world. The Postcardly Postcards app really simplifies your life as you don’t have to find a store where they sell decent postcards that show a scene where you have been, and you safe yourself a trip to the postoffice to get stamps.

Elegant and simple, the effort needed to use the Postcardly Postcards app is not more than sending an email. And even the prices are great: they start as low as $0.67 per card with a value plan.

Key features of the Postcardly Postcards app

  • Photos are full-size, full-bleed (6″ x 4.25″)
  • Room for a 500 characters (about a 100-word) message
  • Super easy and fast (once you’re signed up, send a postcard in under a minute)
  • Just 99 cents per card (to USA), or $1.99 for international
  • 300dpi, full-bleed photos on high-quality card-stock paper
  • Esthetic ensured by not adding big logos, ads, QR codes, or come-ons
  • Email a pic to to see an example for yourself
  • Prepaid ($19.99 for 20 national or 10 international cards) available
  • Monthly plans available (month begins on billing date; $4.99 p.m. for 5 cards, $9.99 p.m. for 15 cards; international cards count as 2 cards)
  • If you’re on a monthly plan and go over your limit, you can send additional cards for $0.99 each to the USA (or $1.98 for international cards). You can set up your account to either automatically stop additional postcards or allow them for this additional charge.
  • There is no commitment with a monthly plan. You can cancel or put your account on hold anytime.

Don’t like roaming fees? Lucky you: you can also send somebody a postcard by going to the Postcardly Postcards website. Here you can create a unique email address that is linked to the recipients physical mailing address ( You then can send an email to this address, attach the photo you like, and put your message in the body of the email. And a few days later, one of your loved ones will have a beautiful personalized postcard in his mailbox, that they can put on the fridge or on their desk.

New users get three postcards free, so get the Postcardly Postcards App today!