French Polynesia Map

Ever been lost in a foreign country with no idea where to go, no knowledge of the local language, and no access to the Internet? That’s why we never go anywhere without a good old-fashioned map. The best choice for your French Polynesia map is one that’s comprehensive, sturdy, and compact. After a lot of research, we found the best one for you.

Our favorite French Polynesia map: South Pacific Islands by Nelles

French Polynesia mapWe chose a map made by the German company Nelles because hands-down it  has the best scale, is the most up to date and the most sturdy of the ones we tested. And if you decide to head over to any other island in the South Pacific, you won’t need to buy a new map as this one includes a great selection of the most popular islands in the region.

Different elevations are shown in different colors, contour lines make the topography even more clear and a graticule helps those traveling with a GPS.

Product details:

  • Scale: 1:110,000 – 1:13,000,000
  • 2-sided
  • Places of interest
  • Besides one map covering the whole South Pacific (1:13,000,000) Nelles includes many additional maps focusing on single islands and cities:
    • French Polynesia: Papeete (1:44.000), Tahiti/Moorea (1:270.000), Bora Bora (1:175,000), Huahine (1:200,000), Society Islands (1:3,000,000), Nuku Hiva (1:200,000), Hiva Oa (1:200,000), Marquesas Islands (1:3,000,000)
    • Cook Islands: Rarotonga (1:110,000), Aitutaki (1:150,000)
    • Fiji: Suva (1:26.000), Fiji Island (1:650,000), Fiji Islands (1:3,000,000)
    • New Caledonia (1:1,250,000)
    • Samoa: Apia (1:26.000), West Samoa (1:500,000)
    • American Samoa: Tutuila (1:250.000)
    • Solomon Islands (1:3,000,000): Guadalcanal (1:1,000,000)
    • Easter Island (1:150,000)
    • Niue (1:400,000)
    • Vanuatu (1:5.000.000): Efate (1:400,000), Espiritu Santo (1:800,000), Tanna (1:400,000)
    • Tonga: Tongatapu (1:270.000), Vava’u Group (1:300.000)

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