About Travel Intense

Our Mission

The team of Travel Intense tours the planet in search of the most beautiful, interesting, and sustainable eco-tourism destinations. Our aim is to provide expert guidance to people in search of responsible, mindful travel.

Travel Intense provides up-to-date, accurate information on the best eco-conscious destinations, lodging, outdoor activities, and dining, in order to ensure our followers have an enriching and engaging travel experience, while also protecting the natural wonders of the world.

Eco-tourism is one of the new “in” words. But many people — even in the industry — have no clear idea what it means. It’s neither a tattered tent on an empty beach with an outhouse, nor is it an air conditioned high-end luxury wooden lodge in a gated jungle.

Eco-tourism is travel that helps maintain and support local cultures and values, embraces renewable energies, reduces or eliminates the impact on the environment, and encourage locals and visitors to enjoy, learn, appreciate, and conserve wildlife and nature.

Be it a remote exotic island surrounded by crystal blue-green water or a volcanic crater nestled in a tropical rainforest, Travel Intense’s goal is to ensure our readers learn about the most beautiful and unique places on earth and experience and support them in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner that protects and enriches these natural wonders for future generations to enjoy.

Travel Intense finds and shares the best eco-lodges and outdoor adventures worldwide in order to ensure you have a stressless and perfect, natural eco-vacation.

Unlike other travel websites, we don’t overload you with a wide range of random untested choices. Instead, we carefully search out and vet the best places on the planet so you can be sure your trip is exactly what you wanted and needed. All you have to do is follow our suggestions and “travel intense”.

The Team

Michaela Urban: Co-Founder, Photographer

michaelaurbanMichaela is passionate about travel and photography. She got her first camera at the age of six and spent her teenage years in Germany honing her skills in the darkroom before transitioning to digital images. Spending a gap year travelling all over Australia fuelled her passion for travel and photography. After two master’s degrees in management and finance and a short but intense career in a multinational corporation, she realized she needed to be out in the world discovering and protecting nature’s wonders. So, she packed her bag, said goodbye to her colleagues, and hasn’t looked back. Despite her love for her Bavarian homeland, she’s constantly on the prowl for good surf, rainforest, waterfalls, and wildlife all over the globe.

Eric Vohr: Co-Founder, Writer

U.S. native Eric has been travel writing ever since he published his first story about mountain biking in Cambodia while he was working as a journalist in Southeast Asia. That experience ignited a fascination for exploring the world’s natural wonders and diverse cultures. Since then he has pursued this fascination by exploring the globe in search of unique and interesting experiences that he can share with his readers. His goal is to inspire people to explore, understand, and appreciate this beautiful world, and learn how to protect it. An avid sailor, he also loves exploring the world’s oceans, even more now that he has sold his sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay and needs to get over this grief.

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