Carbon Footprint Offsetting

Travelling by plane, car, train, bus or motorbike adds to the earth’s greenhouse gases and accelerates global warming. This has a direct effect on the health of humans, animals, and the entire planet. In an effort to balance your fun and the planet’s health, we encourage and support carbon footprint offsetting whenever possible. For a comparatively small amount of money you can support an equivalent carbon dioxide savings that balances the effect of your travel.

Our favorite carbon footprint offsetting program: Carbon Footprint Ltd.

Carbon Footprint OffsettingCarbon Footprint Ltd. lets you calculate and offset your carbon emissions online. This certified provider has a program that will calculate the effect your travel has on the environment and provide a selection of matching offsetting projects—such as supporting reforestation or clean and renewable energy. Start carbon footprint offsetting now and minimise your carbon impact by clicking on the tab with the means of transportation you intend to use on your next trip.