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Morne Trois Pitons National Park: 15.312002, -61.290665
Language: English Packlist
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) Eco-Lodges
Size: 750 km² / 290 mi² Favorite Restaurants
Landscape: rainforest, beaches, mountains
Activities: hiking, diving, snorkeling, wildlife watching, swimming

Not to be confused with its famous namesake, the Dominican Republic, Dominica is a little, relatively unknown gem in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles. The Nature Island, as it’s also called, offers a lot of unspoiled natural beauty. The few visitors that make it here can witness ongoing volcanic activity which expresses itself in hot springs, boiling lakes and bubbling coral. A high mountainous range in the center provides amazing hiking and ensures this island nation gets lots of rain, which keeps it lush and green all year round. Pods of sperm whales frolic off the island’s west coast, and you can explorea marvelous mangrove river where they filmed Pirates of the Cari by boatbbean. A fantastic, multiple-day nature trail runs the full length of the island, taking you through an active village of the Caribbean’s only remaining indigenous peoples, the Kalinago.



This stunning national park is the green lung of Dominica and the place to be for anybody who loves rainforest, waterfalls and adventure. Hike across rivers, smell and feel fumaroles (vents in the earth’s crust through which superheated gasses escape), or take a dip in natural hot springs. If that’s not enough, visit the world’s second largest boiling lake in a old volcanic crater, swim in a narrow gorge where light filters through from high above dazzling the wet cave walls, or take a dip in one of the beautiful waterfalls that are rife here. You can experience all that, while hiking though a number of different stages of rainforests decorated with colorful lizards and flowers.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park: The Green Lung of the Nature Island Dominica

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