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Chiemgau: 47.850722, 12.343483
Spreewald: 51.867360, 13.989220
Language: German Packlist
Currency: Euro (EUR) Eco-Lodges
Size: 357,168 km² / 137,847 mi² Favorite Restaurants
Landscape: forest, lakes, rivers, mountains, lowlands, beaches, islands
Activities: hiking, wildlife watching, swimming, biking, kayaking/canoeing, skiing/snowboarding

Nowadays Germany is a very young country, formed in 1990 through the reunification of East and West Germany. Its vibrant cities and outgoing young generation has turned a nation infamous for its world wars into a popular destination to visit — or maybe even stay (after the USA, it is the second most popular migration destination in the world). Cultures and traditions in Germany are as diverse as its landscape which ranges from snow covered mountain peaks in the Bavarian alps to big forests reserves in the center and deserted beaches along its northern coastline. Outdoor lovers will find plenty of activities, though they’ll never be far from civilization.


1. Chiemgau

The Chiemgau comprises the foothills of the Alps around Lake Chiemsee, the “Bavarian Sea”. This storybook region of Bavaria is full of amazingly clean lakes and framed by a stunning alpine panorama. Home to 1,000-year-old churches, a castle built by a crazy king, fishing and farming villages, it draws locals and visitors alike who enjoy here the best days of summer. Whether you are looking for sailing, canoeing, hiking, swimming or other adventures, you’ll find something for every taste in the Chiemgau.

Lake Chiemsee — a crazy king’s dreamland


2. Spreewald

The Spreewald is home to the source of the river that flows through Germany’s capital Berlin, just a little bit north from here. Despite its proximity to one of Europe’s hippest and most vibrant cities, the Spreewald seems like a world of bliss on a different planet. Hundreds of natural canals criss cross the forests and meadows, and beautiful, small villages invite visitors for a rest. The best way to enjoy it is grabbing a kayak or bike and getting lost in the fairytale landscape that boasts a unique wildlife and rewards with pickles and other local delicacies.

Kayaking in the Spreewald — the secret nature highlight outside Berlin