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Top Spots in the United Kingdom: 55.378051, -3.435973
Language: English Packlist
Currency: Pound Sterling (GBPR) Eco-Lodges
Size: 243,610 km² / 94,060 mi² Favorite Restaurants
Landscape: forest, lakes, rivers mountains, lowlands, moor, beaches, islands
Activities: hiking, swimming, biking, canoeing/kayaking, exploration of cult sites

The United Kingdom comprises Great Britain’s England, Scotland and Wales, as well as Northern Ireland. Formerly one of the biggest colonizers in the world, it is now part of the Commonwealth of Nations; a voluntary association of independent sovereign states, most of which were once part of the British Empire. The head is Queen Elizabeth II, who presides one of the few last (constitutional) monarchies of the world. In recent years, strong national movements are on the rise in some of the UK’s four countries, but so far none decided to go independent. Due its colonial history, the UK is home to a wide variety of ethnics, which are mainly concentrated in the cities. The countryside is placid, and little villages are scattered all over it. The picturesque southeastern lowlands are replaced by rolling hills and mountains in the northwest, though most visitors come here only during summer due to the wet conditions the rest of the year.



Exploring England’s Lake District feels like stepping back in time. Wander through rolling green mountains, moors and bucolic splendor while experiencing England as it was in the Romantic period. Though one of the highest populated national parks in the world, human settlement is minimal and unobtrusive. You can hike England’s highest peaks, explore the countless bodies of water or feel like a druid when visiting the handful of ancient stone circles.

England’s Lake District — a living romantic period painting