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Valley of Fire: 36.429747, -114.515319
Adirondack Park: 43.336811, -74.417388
Black Canyon: 35.931595, -114.712029
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Currency: United States Dollar (USD) Eco-Lodges
Size: 4,167 million km² / 1,609 million mi² Favorite Restaurants
Landscape: mountains, deserts, beaches, canyons, lakes Eco Tour Operators
Activities: hiking, diving, snorkeling, wildlife watching, swimming, surfing, sailing

One of the largest countries worldwide, the United States of America consists of 48 contiguous states, remote and huge Alaska and tropical Hawaii. Due to its size and geographic location, the landscape ranges from coastal rainforests in the Northwest to subtropical beaches in the Southeast. Stunning scenery, large, open, uninhabited spaces and spectacular wildlife draw nature enthusiasts from all over the world, especially to the west, which boasts some of the world’s most famous national parks.



When people think of New York State, they often think of the large city that bears the same name. What many don’t know is New York also contains one of Americas’ largest and most beautiful natural wonders, the Adirondack Park. This 6.1 million acre wilderness area has 10,000 lakes, 30,000 miles of rivers and streams and hundreds of wild, beautiful mountains (46 of which are over 4,000 feet in elevation). You can hike, canoe, camp, watch wildlife (e.g., moose, bald eagles, beavers or loons) or combine all of these activities. And if you like black bears, there are plenty… just don’t leave your food unattended.

Canoe camping in the Adirondacks


On a clear day (common in the high desert), Nevada’s southeast corner near Lake Mead is home to a spectacular show at sunset and sunrise. The red sand stone formations in the aptly named Valley of Fire glow in the dark as if the desert was on fire making this a magical place for outdoor enthusiasts. Day trippers can visit from nearby Las Vegas to enjoy these unique rock formations, as well as ancient petroglyphs and rugged desert wildlife. Our insider tip is to stay overnight at one of the park’s campsites and watch the desert sky ignite in stars.

Exploring Valley of Fire’s red burning rocks

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Black Canyon is a magical stretch of the Colorado River south of Hoover Dam which devides Nevada and Arizona. The river is moving flat-water, not rapids, and it is crystal clear. There are numerous hot springs and even a natural “sauna” that make a nice contrast from the ice-cold river. Arguably one of the best and most popular spots is Emerald Cave, named for the way refracted sunlight makes the water glow emerald green. If you keep your eyes peeled and are lucky, you might see some of the big horn sheep, bald eagles, coyotes and red-tail hawk that call the canyon home.

Kayaking Black Canyon