Personalized Travel Advice

As we are on the road most of the year, the team at Travel Intense are seasoned travel professionals that can provide exellent, up-to-date, focused travel advice. Whether you want to know where to take your next trip, what sites/cities to visit, what to bring, where to stay, or where to eat, we have the answers. And in order to make most of your time and trip, we provide information tailored specifically to your needs, so you will be almost guaranteed to have a flawless, exciting, rewarding vacation. Unlike other sites, we won’t bombard you with countless random options, we provide tested, tried, and true suggestions that we know you’re going to like. Here are two ways to get personalized travel advice:

skype1. Via Skype

Successful travel advice depends a lot on you’re priorites and preferences, and there’s no better way for us to find out what you like than with a personal real-time call. By talking to you on Skype we can get the best sense of who you are and what we can suggest that best matches your needs and expectations. Make the most out of your trip and talk to the pros by sending us a request for a Skype call through our contact form!

Price: 50 USD per hour (includes a summary of the talk sent to you by e-mail)

email2. Via Email

If you prefer e-mail, you can also obtain tailored travel advice by contacting us through our contact form and asking for our questionnaire. Based on your answers we’ll recommend where to go next, what to do, and other useful information.

Price: 50 USD