United States Map

Ever been lost in a foreign country with no idea where to go, no knowledge of the local language, and no access to the Internet? That’s why we never go anywhere without a good old-fashioned map. The best choice for your United States map is one that’s comprehensive, sturdy, and compact. After a lot of research, we found the best one for you.

Our favorite United States map: USA by Reise Know-How

United States mapWe chose a map made by the German company Reise Know-How because hands-down it  has the best scale, is the most up to date and the most sturdy of the ones we tested.

Many of the maps we have used on our travels have fallen apart in our hands or dissolved when wet. Not so this United States map by Reise Know-How — it holds up to the toughest travel conditions.

Different elevations are shown in different colors, contour lines make the topography even more clear and a graticule helps those traveling with a GPS.

Product details:

  • Scale: 1:4,700,000
  • Rip and waterproof
  • 2-sided
  • Table of distances between major cities
  • Highlighted sights
  • Detailed list of towns and cities and map location
  • Map legend in five different languages (German, English, French, Spanish and Russian)